Our services at J&E Paving are designed to create smooth, durable, and visually appealing surfaces for your residential or commercial property.

Striping line

Applying clear and visible lines and markings on roads and parking lots for organized traffic flow and delineation.

Crack Repair

Fixing and filling cracks in pavement to prevent further deterioration, maintaining the structural integrity of the surface.

Seal Coating

Applying a protective layer of sealant to asphalt surfaces to shield against weather elements, UV rays, and regular wear and tear, extending the life of the pavement.

Parking lot

Designing and constructing designated areas for parking vehicles, maximizing space utilization and ensuring efficient traffic flow.


Creating durable and well-crafted entrances to properties, providing a smooth and safe path for vehicles.

Side Walks

Constructing pedestrian walkways alongside roads and within communities, promoting pedestrian safety and convenient mobility.


Designing and building structures using stone, brick, or concrete, adding aesthetic appeal and functionality to outdoor spaces.

Curb Stone

Installing sturdy and visually appealing borders along roads and walkways, defining edges and providing support and protection.


Utilizing a mixture of aggregates and binders to create a strong and resilient surface for roads, parking lots, and driveways, offering durability and smoothness.